Born in Buenos Aires and based in New York, German Palacio is an electronic musician, video and multimedia artist with a free spirit and plenty of projects. One of these is the--mostly solo--venture called Ulisespal, and its sound is warm and texture.
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Vertical, aerial silhouettes caught in a dialectic between interior-exterior and full-empty. We leaf through the layers of Covherlab’s Fall 2012 collection “Twentythree”, full of references to Italian Rationalist architecture. 

Marco Grisolia, fashion designer at Covherlab, has a soft spot for 20th century Italian architecture, famous for its formal rigor and clean lines. 

If we try to interpret the name of the collection, “Twentythree”, we could read it as a reference to the year of publication of a fundamental book for Rationalist architecture, “Towards an Architecture" (Vers une architecture) by Le Corbusier.

But Grisolia’s outfits are not weighed down by an excessive adherence to that movement. The collection has its roots in highly tailored menswear, with vertical panels inserted in maxi button holes that soften the shapes and at the same time create sophisticated layers of slotted fabric.

The cut-out motif recurring in different elements of the pieces gives way to embossing, chromatic contrasts and an ethereal elegance obtained by the juxtaposition of different textures and textiles, worsted wool, tasseled cotton and Jaquard with a tartan print. 

Essential, neutral, ultra-light? Yes, but the impeccable construction of each piece is revealed in the details, which ramify and give rhythm to the volumes and shapes.